Direct Booker won The Shortyz 2020 award for the best OTA/ online accommodation booking platform.

In 2018, included Direct Booker in their TOP 11 highlighted list of top Property Managers around the world.

Airbnb named in 2018 our software Booker Tools as a preferred partner among 15 in the world and only in Southeast Europe.

Expedia listed our software Booker Tools as No.1 Connectivity Partner for 2021

In 2021, listed Direct Booker in Top 10 property management agencies in the world. named our software Booker Tools as Premier Connectivity Partner for 2021

In 2019, Lider magazine declared Direct Booker as the 3rd fastest-growing company in Croatia.



But are you an entrepreneur?

One of the specific characteristics that entrepreneurs are born with, is an entrepreneurial spark. You either have it, or you don’t. If you constantly have various business ideas, you probably have it, so Welcome to the Entrepreneur Club.

Entrepreneurial spark may initially be suppressed in a person but be sure that it will eventually pop out, and once it does, it will occupy thoughts to such a level that it becomes a wonderful obsession.

Having that kind of energy should be channeled into the right business. Making the initial idea into a successful business or pushing existing business to the next level is pure art.

Although success asks for courage, determination, and perseverance, finding the perfect business model can be the biggest challenge.

As someone who went through all those challenges and finally became a global Vacation Rental brand, we decided to meet the needs of entrepreneurs by providing the Direct Booker Franchise to anyone willing to start or upgrade their own Vacation Rental business in their location.

We know how to succeed in this industry, and we are making sure that we succeed together.

Nino Dubretić
CEO & Co-Founder


Own Business VS. Buying Franchise

There is an eternal question when Starting or Upgrading a Business – Should I run my own brand, or should I buy a Franchise Business?

Franchising refers to a business development method by which a franchisor (business owner) through an agreement (franchise contract) grants the franchisee (local business operator) the right to use its business operating resources to distribute its branded products and services under “a uniform mode of operation” in exchange for fees, royalties, or other compensation. 

While starting your own business often comes with not optimized business procedures, expensive mistakes, zero support, and the lack of trust from the clients in startups, franchising remains one of the easiest business models for starting a business as it comes with a proven success rate at minimal risk.

A few years after a startup is formed and settled as a small business, new challenges of no or low progression arise.

Scalability is the crucial task for the long-term success of any business, and it is something that businesses often can not overcome, meaning they fail or not reaching their potential. 

But what is Scalability? Scalability is “a company’s ability to grow without being hampered by its structure or available resources when faced with increased production.”. In other words, a business is ready to scale if it has a proven product and business model that allow it to grow through its market.

Having a proven, scalable business model as a franchise allows long-term success to a business.


Vacation Rental Industry

When a person decides to take a trip (business, leisure, or both), he becomes a traveler.

The traveler needs a place to stay so he/she will need to book the accommodation.

Today the most common source of bookings comes from the specialized websites that list properties for rent; we call those websites Online Travel Agencies (OTA’s)

We’re sure you have heard by now about the biggest OTAs –, Airbnb, Vrbo, Expedia, etc. If you did not, you must live under the rock 🙂

Anyway, this industry is all about travelers renting properties listed on the OTAs, after which Homeowners or Property Managers manage those bookings through guest communication, payments, cleaning, checking, etc.


Vacation Rental Company (VRC)

Property or Rental can be advertised and managed by a Homeowner (60%) or a Professional VRC ie. Property Managers (40%).

An interesting fact is that World’s 50 largest VRCs hold less than 2% of total VRC properties. It’s because this industry is hyper-local. Each city has dozens of Property Managers that are mostly managing 10 to 300 properties.

Each Property Manager’s success depends on successful Property Acquisition followed by successful ongoing Property Management that can include a whole range of services.

But why should Homeowners pay extra commission for a job that they can do? If the Homeowners have the benefit, they always hire a Property Manager for a job. The benefit comes from a trust in a Professional Manager that he can make Homeowners Earn more and Work less.


Direct Booker VRC

When the business is expanding rapidly from year to year and exclusively by word of mouth method then you know you have a good business model.

If that business model is backed with in-house software development then you have something that can make success anywhere.

Eleven years of dedicated work, business growth, and branding in Vacation Rental Management and Software development were carefully stored as a Franchise business model made for Local Entrepreneurs to help Homeowners reach better results with their Rentals in The Vacation Rentals Industry.


Direct Booker FRANCHISE

If you are thinking about buying a Vacation Rental Franchise then Globally awarded brand and TOP 10 Vacation Rental Management Company with Software preferred by the major OTAs packed as a Franchise business model fits perfect for any local entrepreneur who wants to start or upgrade a business in their own city. 

By purchasing Direct Booker’s, World’s Leading Vacation Rental Franchise, you get a complete solution of a well-established scalable business backed with a huge first-hand experience and recognized as one of the best in the industry.

The business operating resources of Direct Booker Franchise comes in a package of registered know-how, technology, brand, and support.


Franchise Package


Direct Booker Know-How is based on 11 years of experience, and keeps on developing with rich inputs from all Direct Booker partners, leaving 0% room for mistakes, wandering, and non-optimized business.  

Know-How is tested and proven in multiple countries, cities, and destinations, so by following our standards and procedures, the choice of success is all yours. 

Our rich Know-How, focusing on homeowners and guests, includes easy-to-follow standards and procedures of every part of the business down to the smallest details. 

Everything starts with growing the portfolio of properties. With enormous experience using proven acquisition model, the Direct Booker brand became very successful in signing contracts with Homeowners and gaining their trust.

The next step is becoming a High-quality Property Manager which is the foundation of success in the Vacation Rental Industry, and Direct Booker’s Property Management is recognized as one of the best in the industry. 

For more details of our Vacation Rental Management Know-How click here.

Property Managers are using technology for optimizing operations as well as for maximizing their revenue potential.

The management tool known as Vacation Rental Software (VRS) makes Property Managers more or less successful. It comes with or without Channel Manager (CM) that allows you to be connected with as many OTAs as you want.

Direct Booker, as one of the world’s largest Vacation Rental Companies (VRC), has an in-house CM & VRMS development, which makes it special as technology is usually developed by IT companies waiting for users’ input.

By managing 12000+ rentals with yearly 100.000+ reservations, we have huge first-hand inputs for developing technology solutions step ahead.

Our software is called Booker Tools, and it is preferred by the world’s largest OTAs (Airbnb,, Expedia, etc.) and can be rented by any Vacation Rental Company (VRC).

For more details of our Vacation Rental Software click here.

From the Acquisition perspective, the crucial element for the homeowners in choosing a Property Manager is trust.

A Big and proven brand comes with trust, which is a game-changer for acquisition compared to handing over your rentals to a new inexperienced brand.

The trust of the homeowners for Direct Booker brand can be seen in the fact that our franchise partners overcame our number of acquired properties fast.

On the other hand, being a Direct Booker Franchisee will allow you to advertise your properties on the brand’s main website without having to pay a franchise fee, and it will give you the opportunity to generate more reservations through the Direct Booker b2b network.

All Franchisees are part of a cross-selling Franchise Network, which is a standard according to which all franchisors recommend the main website to previous guests as the place to book the next trip at the best prices.

For direct reservations, Franchisees can adjust existing websites to the Direct Booker brand, or they can get free of charge own branded website the domain “location”

When it comes to support, we leave nothing to chance as we succeed only if you succeed.

Through our partnership, you will have ongoing support from the Concept Manager, whose job is to make sure all standards and procedures are being followed. He will advise you both on reaching your maximum potential and making a better version of yourself.

Technical support is a standard that comes with any technology solution that you choose for your business, but in our case, technical support is in coordination with the company’s business model, so the technical support will guide you in the right direction.

Franchisees are also supported through the ongoing education by the company key persons.

Support from the Franchise Network comes through sharing experience with other franchisees.

Having a Big Brother behind you is always making things easier.

Direct Booker FRANCHISE

Costs Vs. Benefits

Direct Booker Franchise Cost:

Entrance fee starts from 3000€. It is a one-time payment whose amount depends on a franchise territory. This fee also covers the costs of the initial training of new franchise partners. 

Franchise fee is a fee calculated in a defined percentage from the reservations gross revenue. Its attractiveness comes from the unbeatable value for money of a Franchise package compared to the market price of any technology itself as the Franchise package comes not only with Technology but also with Know-How, Brand, and Support

Operational costs of running your own company

Direct Booker Franchise Benefits:

Run your own business in your city

Start business with low start-up costs

Have a franchise fee at an unbeatable value for money

Be provided with complete and well established business solution

Be provided with tested and proven Know-How

Join the leading Vacation Rental Franchise Brand

Be provided and guided with ongoing Support

Technology benefits:

• Use all Technology solutions for a permanently better price than any market technology
NO usual extra costs of using technology like: setup fee, canceled reservations fee, homeowners reservation fee, new solutions & upgrades fees…
• Always using free of charge 100% developed solutions
• Make Income from reselling technology
• Possibility of Software customization for personal needs with partnership conditions 

The Contract duration is 3 years with a regular renewal

*ROI – Return of Investment reachable in 1 year

*Earnings – This business can be profitable already with ten full serviced rentals, but that’s not a goal. The goal is to rise with the number of rentals and become the local largest property manager, making the business very stable and profitable

*Details of Earnings and ROI depending on a location, number of rentals, provided service (full or partly management). Further details are calculated and discussed during the contact.


Become A Franchisee?

Please read our FAQ first and if you want to learn more about our franchise and/or to check if your location is available please contact us through the below form.