Reservation payments, cancellation and non-arrival fees, refunding advance payments, VAT obligations… These are all problems that often give a headache to vacation rental owners.

One of the great advantages for the owners who choose to work with Direct Booker is that they can rely on our Finance Department at any time, which greatly facilitates their work and helps with administrative issues. Here are just some examples.

1.Credit card billing

An increasing number of guests prefer card payments instead of cash payments in the accommodation, which is also an option on the websites such as It turned out that the possibility to use a credit card can increase the number of reservations, as well as the average rating, because you can avoid the payment topic at the check-in.

Direct Booker is offering the owners a possibility to make payments through cards, which makes it easier for them, but it’s also one of the safest payment methods for both, the owner and the guest.

On the websites where Direct Booker can charge the guest for stay, such as, all non-refundable reservations are charged immediately and Direct Booker makes a weekly payment to owners, regardless of when the guest arrives. Regular bookings are also charged and paid to the owners before the check-in itself.

2. Security of reservation payments

Regardless of whether they are regular bookings with the possibility of free cancellation up to a certain period or non-refundable bookings that do not have the option of free cancellation, Direct Booker offers security for all the bookings.

Security is also enhanced by the automatic authorization of reservations which we do prior to check-in, which provides additional protection for owners. In case of cancellation of the reservation within the cancellation period, we follow the cancellation policies and protect the owner.

3. You do not have to worry about VAT on the commission of foreign websites

According to law, an owner who uses the services of a foreign agency or advertiser from another EU country which issues an invoice to the owner for their services, must request his VAT number and pay VAT on the commission amount.

In cooperation with Direct Booker, the agency takes over these obligations so that you do not have to request your VAT number or submit report every month.

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