Direct Booker vacation rental agency manages its technology and accommodation units on leading reservation platforms, such as, Airbnb, Expedia… The company, based in Dubrovnik, has been successfully conducting business for the tenth year in a row and we expanded to 22 cities ​​in 9 states. Once the established agencies become part of our Direct Booker community, they have insight and ability to use our business model which is proven profitable after one year.

The goal of the franchise is to expand the brand and create a community of satisfied partners. Danijela Kraljević, Manager of the Franchise Department is a person who is in charge of acquisition efficiency and education of Croatian and international franchisees. We bring you her story of business progress and a successful way of doing business.

 Franchise department manager’s job is based primarily on open and honest communication and trust. We are the face of the company when contacting a potential franchise partner. The first meeting with the potential franchisee is conducted through a video conference. It is crucial to know how to present and communicate the company’s mission and vision.

I have the support of my colleagues from whom I have acquired the knowledge and qualifications in various departments within the company. A business day begins with browsing through emails and checking if our franchisees require assistance. The data constantly changes and it is the responsibility of the Franchise department to keep our franchisees informed of the latest reports. It is important for us that franchisees are aware of the business process and that they follow the company standards.

In addition to taking care of the operating processes and success of the existing franchisees, I spend the day selecting new candidates for the franchise and holding interviews with the franchisees. The selection process itself is quite demanding because we have to choose the best candidate to represent the Direct Booker brand.

The benefits of the Direct Booker franchise

There are two groups of renters in the market, and Direct Booker covers both – vacation rental owners who want to work independently, Direct Booker provides the technological solution and those who need full agency assistance. The agency provides complete care of ads and booking. When needed, we also provide care for the facility itself, and with an individualized approach to sales, we bring optimal results.

Direct Booker has received awards from major industry brands such as for an agency service and from Airbnb for a technology solution. We decided to expand our brand, allowing franchisees to operate under our name, use know-how and technology in a designated territory. For now, we have 22 franchises in 9 countries, mostly in the region, but even in Peru. Today, the Direct Booker brand manages more than 7,000 properties, generating over 100,000 bookings a year, making it one of the major vacation rental brands in the European and global markets. What sets us apart in the market is that, with quality service, we also developed technology, which is important for dealing with this business. Franchisees have the benefit of engaging in core business and offering agency service, but in the market franchisees cover, they can also offer technology to vacation rental owners who want to run their accommodation units on their own.

The franchise is designed for agencies that want to have the constant support they would have had when entering a business on their own. And for those who have an idea but don’t know where to start and are looking for a solution. The Direct Booker franchise is not only ideal for new agencies and individuals who are just entering the business, but also for existing agencies that are involved in similar businesses and want to grow their business. A franchise reduces the risk of failure, makes fast progress because of a recognised brand and operates business independently according to standards. Direct Booker offers a multi-unit franchise which means we don’t go with the master franchise model. The franchisee can always expand their territory if interested, as we have done so far.

We are currently preparing to enter the Italian and Austrian markets where one of our existing franchisees will expand its territory. After that, we will target Greece, Cyprus, Malta and Macedonia market.

If you are interested and want to start a successful business contact us at

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