Every vacation rental owner must comply with certain legal norms in order to be able to carry out the business legally. From year to year, these rules change slightly, but you always have to keep up to date. When the inspection arrives, the various obligations are being reviewed, so please check this list carefully and make sure you have all of these items in your accommodation unit.


Property classification certificate– New vacation rental owners should know that this is actually the most important document for accommodation renting, a kind of work permit. The request for issuance of the certificate can be submitted to the nearest County Administrative Office.

Standardized Blue Board – A standardized blue board is an inscription indicating the type and category of the object, as registered in the classification certificate. It should be displayed in a conspicuous place.

VAT ID Number – Under the Catering Act of November 2018, the owner is required to obtain a VAT identification number. When advertising with taxpayers from the European Union, the owner must point out the tax ID or VAT identification number.

House Rules – Rules of conduct, obligations, and rights of the guest, but also of the host, should be placed in a prominent place, in Croatian and English.

Price List – The price list for services should be expressed in HRK, and the equivalent in other currencies may be indicated. It should include the price of services by rental period, information about the type of accommodation and the owner, the amount of the sojourn tax (if included in the price, then it should be emphasized), and must be signed by the owner.

Copies of invoices – The owner is obliged to give an invoice to the guest for the service of accommodation and keep copies of the invoices for at least 11 years and, and enter the data into the EP Form.

eVisitor check-in and check-out. If you are visited by Inspection, you may be asked to list the eVisitor system guest list, which must match the number of guests currently staying in the apartment and the number of invoices issued by that date.

Notice of Collection of Personal Information – Promoted on a visible place,  for the purpose of registration into the eVisitor system,  and also related to the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR

Customer Complaint Notice – Instead of a complaint book, guests should be given a way to make a written complaint, with a blank space to enter their home address or e-mail, so that the owner can respond within 15 days.

Evacuation Plan – The most simple way is to show it as a floor plan of an accommodation unit with indicated openings and exits.

First Aid Box – If you have more than one unit within one facility, it is sufficient to have only one box, but it is recommended to have one in each unit. 


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