Work with someone you get along with!

Wojciech Czub, Direct Booker franchisee manager for Poland

Started with business: 2020.

Rycerska 14, 05-510
Warsaw, Poland
+485 060 702 00

My advice for the new franchisees? First thing you should do if you want to start a franchise business is to gather data about local market as early as possible and work with someone you get along well with.

I found out about Direct Booker from my father who had met the team at Warsaw Franchise Expo. I used to work as a project manager at a Warsaw-based IT company that works in payment industry. I am interested in both tourism and real-estate market, so I considered it a great opportunity to develop my career as Direct Booker franchisee.

I really enjoy working for myself. There is a lot of work to do right now, but working for my own business is something totally different. I’ve learned to prioritize my time better and make the most out of it. Also, I have to keep in touch with my father all the time. I really enjoy it.

I met new challenges that enabled me to grow as a person. We started without local market knowledge and our goal is to become experts in this field.
There are still parts of the process that have to be prepared especially for the Polish market, but once we settle them, we are confident about moving forward pretty well.

During training, Direct Booker staff provided us with all the information about how they do the job. DB team does their best to help us in case of any doubts and they respond our questions very quickly. Direct Booker has a great potential to compete against world’s biggest players in travel industry and we aim to contribute to that by creating properties network all around Poland.

We see it as a great franchise model, even though it has to be adapted to each market. The good thing is it gets better with every new franchisee!
Therefore, you have to be prepared to face challenges of local market that are different than anywhere else.

For me, one of the biggest advantages of a franchise model is that from the beginning you have some guidelines to follow and assistance at every level. Especially if it’s your first business, it is much easier to do it using franchisor’s experience and tools. It gives you a competitive advantage from day one.