The results are far beyond our expectations at the beginning!

Zvonimir B. Kraljević, Direct Booker franchisee manager for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Started with business: 2018.

Digitalni partner d.o.o.
Kneza Branimira 12, Mostar, Bosna i Hercegovina
+387 36 329 607

My advice to the future franchisee managers is to be prepared for a lot of work, extra efforts, creativity and availability of 0-24h in the initial phase of developing a business.

Before taking over the franchise, my colleague Dario and I worked at a local company, in the IT and marketing department. After learning about Direct Booker, we decided to do a little research about it online. Direct Booker business model and the market in which we planned to use it, immediately seemed like an ideal match for us. Everything we thought about Direct Booker while researching turned out to be accurate, when we had the opportunity to meet the owners and find out more on the spot. Several similar meetings and very soon, Direct Booker story was heading Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Starting this business required a lot of sacrifices and a lot of energy, especially at the very beginning. The training was successful and quick, mostly because of the patience and availability of Dubrovnik colleagues who are still helping us to solve every problem. With their years of experience, there is no such a problem they can’t solve. In the beginning, business development went slowly, especially because this business model is something new in Bosnia and Herzegovina, while in Croatia there are many travel agencies and potential clients are more or less familiar with what they get in such collaborations.

Today, after two years of business, we are ready for all the challenges and demands that this type of business can bring. We pay special attention to keep our existing clients satisfied, but also to acquire new ones. The results we are currently achieving are above all expectations and plans we had at the beginning, because it was difficult to predict how this area would react to something new in the market. But, given the fact this service is quality-tested, it wasn’t much of a problem to succeed in this area as well.

In the future, I see Direct Booker, without a doubt, as the best regional vacation rental agency, with great potential to become a successful global company as well. We are proud to be one of the small wheels of this great and successful story. Without technology provided by Direct Booker, starting this type of business from scratch would require immeasurably more initial investments and time, while as a Direct Booker franchisee, you get everything already tested, proven and ready to go right away.