Success is what matters, and it’s easier to succeed with a proven brand!

Pavle Babović, Direct Booker Franchisee manager for Bar, Montenegro

Started with business: 2020.

Castello Group
Ilino BB, Bar
+382 68 444 445

People who want to try their own business under someone else’s name have nothing to lose. It’s far easier and safer to develop an entrepreneurial spirit under the umbrella of an already proven business system. And success is what matters.

Before taking over this franchise, we were involved in various tourism businesses such as vacation rentals and car rentals.

Direct Booker as a brand already existed in our country, we found out about them through Facebook, and later we did a little research, so we were sure that the Direct Booker franchise was a great deal for our business and our future.

First of all, having your own business under a franchise is still a private business and is one of the best ways to run a successful business. More importantly, the risk of business failure in the start is significantly lower than in a fully independent business. Thus, franchising is a way to apply a proven, more successful business model in your own business and reduce the chance of failure.

Having been in the vacation rental business for a long time, I felt we knew everything about it, but obviously we didn’t know everything. We have complemented our knowledge with the great Booker Tools technology provided by the franchise. We have directed our business now towards the growth and development of our agency.

We are extremely pleased with the support we receive from Direct Booker staff, who are really always at disposal. We think this is a great franchise model and Direct Booker is the company of the future, where we see ourselves and the company at the top.

What a person entering a franchise business needs to keep in mind is that a franchise is not just about buying the right to a brand – it is the whole system of the business.

The word system is the key to understanding business rules within a franchise business. The franchisee can count on the systematic transfer of business knowledge – from business management training and employee training, constant support, sales, through finance and accounting, to the transfer of marketing knowledge.

The franchisee uses the brand, experience, knowledge, and methods developed by the franchisor in personal business.