Franchise model can be applied anywhere in the world!

Victor Alexander Ochoa Cordova, manager of Direct Booker franchisee for Peru

Started with business: 2019.

Conexion Global Eirl
Mariscal Gamarra 1013, Cusco, Peru
+51 846 51075

In my opinion, every person who wants to be part of this franchise should be prepared to develop their business and organizational skills so that they can penetrate the local market more easily.

I come from Peru, from Cusco, a city known for being the closest to Machu Picchu, the historic city of the Incas. Cusco is very popular with tourists all year long and that is exactly one of the motives for getting into this business.

Before taking the Direct Booker franchise, I studied tourism at the University of Cusco – Universidad Nacional San Antonio del Cusco. My sister and her husband, who is from Dubrovnik, actually started the whole stroy as investors, and without them, none of this would be possible. They saw Direct Booker franchise as a great business opportunity.

Many people find it unusual that Direct Booker has a franchisee so far from its parent company. However, Direct Booker franchise is a model that can be applied anywhere in the world.

Although initially it was quite difficult to enter the market in Cusco, I am sure we made a good decision. It is only a matter of time before the product will be more famous and successful. Also, using Booker Tools, the channel manager, the business became more dynamic and easier, new business opportunities began to arrive in a short time, and my life certainly changed in a positive way.

When I was at the training in  Direct Booker offices in Dubrovnik, all the employees were really nice and ready to help. In those 2 weeks, I visited all the departments, got acquainted with the way of work, future plans, etc. I want to mention that support and assistance at this moment are just the same as on the first day, every time I have some doubts or questions, solutions always arrive quickly. Without thinking, I can say that I am very happy with the support they provide me.

Direct Booker definitely has a huge potential in the Peruvian market, as well as in other world markets that are attractive to tourists. I would like Direct Booker to position itself as a market leader in its field, because of its, professionalism and efficiency, and I’m glad to be part of the whole story.