Opportunity for those who:

  • Want to go big
  • Want to leave a mark in business
  • Love to have great “weapons” to sell

 Direct Booker Products

  1. Direct Booker Property Management Service

Online Management for Short Term Rentals (STR) on the biggest Booking Websites (booking.com, airbnb, expedia etc.)

If you have a Business model that received 3000 YESes from renters you know you have a good horse to race.

YOUR JOB would be to make a deep dive in our business model and Short Term Rental industry 

  1. Booker Tools (BT) Software – Channel Manager (CM) & Property Management Software (PMS)

There are many CMs & PMSs out there, just a few of them are preferred by the biggest Booking Websites (incl. BT), but BTs biggest advantage is that it was made for our company needs which make it a unique product on the market, not only for PMCs but also for campsites, hostels, and renters.

Think from the user perspective. If you could have a CM & PMS that is preferred by the biggest Booking Websites and made by the world’s top PMC that would be a game-changer. Sounds good?

YOUR JOB would be to multiply software users globally.

  1. Direct Booker Franchise 

There is an eternal question “should I start my own business or take a franchise”.

Our answer is to provide our “know-how”, brand, software, and support for a better price than the market price of the software itself, which is needed to rent anyway in order to start a business. Sounds good?

YOUR JOB would be to multiply franchise partners globally.

Note: easy-to-follow procedures and standards are already documented and await you.


Property Management & Software Provider Company with a Franchise Business Model in Short Term Rentals (STR) industry.

Direct Booker in Croatia

  • the most successful medium-sized company in Dubrovnik County in competition with big hotel and hospitality brands 
  • 3rd fastest-growing company in Croatia in 2019 (Ikea was first)
  • nominated for Croatia’s most prestigious entrepreneur of the year award by Ernst & Young in 2018 & 2020

Direct Booker Headquarters

  • 30 – the average employee age 
  • 40 – the number of employees
  • 100% – young and enthusiastic team

Direct Booker and partners:

  • 3000 local partners with 7000 properties entrusted to the Direct Booker brand
  • 1000 properties rent Direct Booker’s software – Booker Tools
  • 22 companies in 8 countries decided to take Direct Booker Franchise instead of starting their own company

Direct Booker & guests:

  • 100 000 reservations smoothly operated yearly 
  • 1 200 000 guests chose Direct Booker brand for their holiday
  • average review score of 9.1/10 based on more than 50000 reviews

Direct Booker & Industry:

  • Booking.com, Airbnb, Expedia preferred partnerships
  • Rentals United “Worlds Top PMCs” in 2019 & 2020
  • Shortyz (an “Oscar” of STR industry) “World Best OTA/Online platform” in 2020


Team Vibes

Experienced young and enthusiastic team that thrive to the same goal. 

Managerial position of sales department

A new position is now opened for Direct Booker Global project. Next step will be hiring an extra person, so the sales department will consist of 2 persons supported by other departments. 

Opportunity to be part of a big project

We have already tested and proved that our software and business model is well accepted on the various markets, so now it’s a time to move forward with the main focus on organized and targeted global expansion.

As business expansion is growing this position will grow accordingly.

Short Term Rentals Industry (STR)

Tourism as the fastest growing world industry is specific and fun by itself, but STR industry is atypical because 20 of the world’s biggest PMCs hold less than 2% of the market. 

From our perspective that leaves the market wide open for our software and franchise concept. 


You may not know, but Dubrovnik has an ideal climate, while also offering all the accompanying facilities needed for a comfortable life – except the highway 🙂


Our basic requirements are:

  • 3 years of sales experience 
  • Hospitality experience ➕
  • Fluent English is mandatory
  • Master’s degree or MBA would be a benefit
  • Workplace: Dubrovnik (accommodation will be provided if moving to town)

*We accept applications from those from who are born for this position although missing some of application requirements above.

If you have all the above and your character is:

  • Positive
  • Communicative
  • Proactive 
  • Enthusiastic

Welcome to the final task which is expecting from you to be:

Good, responsible and independent organizator who is ready for teamwork.

Do you have all YESes?

Send us motivational letter with CV (Croatian or English) at job@direct-booker.com

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