The renowned Dubrovnik composer, musician, and cultural manager Pero Šiša is also a very successful vacation rental owner. He has been working with Direct Booker since the very beginning of his rental business, since 2013. When he met the founders Nikola Grubelić and Nino Dubretić, he said he saw a successful story coming.

Direct Booker seemed like a great opportunity to me at the time, something new and very positive. To be successful, one must have talent. They had it, and luckily I recognized it. I am extremely pleased that today the company has turned into a franchise that can be compared to world stories.


Mr. Šiša started this business by renting a Blue Symphony house in the Old Town of Dubrovnik, which is rated excellent on the reservation websites. However, he is particularly proud of the holiday house Lazuština Paradise in Konavle, in the quiet village of Mihanići.

The idea was to make a place for guests to truly enjoy themselves, for a week or two.

I have taken some ideas from phenomenal hotels in the world and incorporated them into my Konavle paradise. A lot of people have asked me why am I doing it in Konavle, where there are wolves, wild animals, etc., but I have traveled a lot and I know that it is an ultimate experience to be all night in the pool and enjoy the peace and quiet. People spend 1-2 days in the city, and they are more tired than rested. They’re all running away from the town.

Mr. Šiša worked for 7 years on the decoration of this house, paying attention to every detail. He says the ambiance should be such that the guest feels like they are in paradise. For example, he was drawing details in wood by himself:

The idea came to me to use pyrography to create a wooden interior, including not only our Konavle motifs, such as the Konavle embroidery, but also some music notes. Those details make the difference.

Since he began renting this house last season, he admits, the results have exceeded all expectations.

It just exploded. Bookings, great reviews … With so many good villas and holiday homes, I was surprised that I made it. That peace, the untouched nature, the sound of the river simply knocks them off their feet. The ambiance is just different from anything they’ve seen so far. It’s priceless to be in a jacuzzi or swimming pool with “bird symphonies” around you…

It’s not unusual for him to even get close to his guests. He sometimes brings out a piano by the pool, so guests have a private concert while sipping cocktails in the pool.

They do not write reviews, they write poems, beautiful words. On the way out, a tear falls. However, as a host, you need to have a sense of their needs – to be friendly, but to leave them alone when they want to.

He has only words of praise about the long-standing collaboration with Direct Booker.

I feel safe and protected. Nowadays, less and less cash is used, and this is where Direct Booker helps me a lot – it immediately controls whether a card is valid or not, withdraws money from the card, which I couldn’t do on my own. Direct Booker is not for Croatia but for Switzerland – you get everything neatly written, a reminder when the guests are coming, from which country, what is the tax, whether he needs a crib, etc.

Mr. Šiša says that managing vacation rental is the hardest job, even though he has worked a lot in his life so far.

Private rental owners are the heroes of professionalism and anyone who painstakingly does this business should be helped, not further “rewarded” with various taxes.

His most important advice to other vacation rental owners is – the guest is always right.

This is a very demanding job because there should be no wrong notes. The guest has paid and must have full service, and no matter what, the guest is always right. And the landlord must be a “filter” that receives good and bad things.

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