In the vacation rental agency the most important person for renters is their Account manager.

Accounts main job is to get the most out of the facility as far as sales is concerned. It depends on Account manager at what price and under which conditions the properties will be sold. Thats why, it is no wonder that each of Accounts has a lot of work to handle, not only during the summer season, but throughout the whole year.

In order to show you everything that involves the job of Account manager or sales manager at Direct Booker, we decided to spend one day at the office with our Frano.

8 AM- 10 AM

After his first morning coffee, he browse through the e-mails. Dentifies priority tasks and moves towards solving them. As he handles tasks, he also makes phone calls with property owners and exchanges impressions with them about the past season.

At this time of the season, his schedule is slightly different than in the striking summer days, Frano explains:

I am currently working on updating information about properties, such as location and distance information, which household appliances exist in the facility, check-in and check-out times. The hardest and most responsible part of the job is setting and entering prices. It is based on the experience of previous sales periods and agreement with the owners. When I finish editing each property, I send the document to the owners for verification.

10 AM-12 PM

The owner of an apartment located in the Dubrovnik area joined us at the office. Frano points out to him the benefits of working with the agency, emphasizing active sales and technology solutions, resulting in more bookings at better prices and conditions.

We were curious how he became interested in working with our agency.

I heard about the Direct Booker agency through a longtime acquaintance. He has been renting his apartment for several years and since he had only words of praise for you, I decided to let you run my apartment too.

Comments like this are the biggest proof that we are doing great job and those comments also motivates us to be even better than we are. – says Frano.

12 PM- 4 PM

After a short break, Frano continues with meetings with apartment renters.

Meetings with property owners are common in the Account manager business day. Frano regulary contacts owners and plans individual meetings in advance. In that way he takes care of each partner 100%.

Considering that he is managing quite large number of proprties in combination with lots of tourists arrivals, he tells us, that in the summer months the atmosphere in the office is more dynamic:

Depending on the current sales trend, we sometimes change the criteria and parameters of sales in the last minute and generate more bookings in that way.

As Account manager, Frano is notified of all bookings made for the accommodation units he maintains. If the booking is canceled or the guests do not show up, Frano keeps a record to ensure payment.

In June, July and August, sales of each individual property is analyzed on a daily basis. The analysis is done by comparing the rest of the offer in the same accommodation and price category. In an expanding market with a large number of accommodation units, it is important to rank well on the sales pages.

Based on years of experience, Frano contacts and advises the owners at the right time to incorporate special offers.

4 PM- 10 PM

The Account manager’s official working time is unitl 4 PM on woorking days. However Frano says this type of work never ends.

After 4 PM, calls are diverted to an on-call person at the company, but of course there are often emergencies that need to be addressed. In any case, the owners can be sure that we will always do our best to solve their problem, because we are there for them.

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