When someone has 30 years of experience in the same business and doing it successfully, every advice coming from that kind of person is golden. Mister Slavko Ćuk is in private renting in Dubrovnik since the eighties of the last century.

“Those days, I was searching for the guests in every possible way – but mostly alone. I looked for them in front of the bus stations, campsites, hotels, even on the road with the sign in my hands … Through friend’s connections, acquaintances… But I was finding solutions.’

Still, he is not too nostalgic for the old times.

‘I wouldn’t do it that way anymore. People still call me and beg me to receive the guests. I simply tell them: Do it online, find a free date and book! It’s a nice thing to be a gentleman, though there is a tougher competition now. I can say that Direct Booker has done the right thing for me! ‘.

For success in business, he says, it is crucial that you love it, that nothing is difficult for you, but the experience is also very important.

‘You need to know how to treat people. I have a different approach for every nationality. For example, people here usually do not like Italians very much, especially those from the south, saying they are too loud. I welcome them, give them a bottle of wine, we chat, and I have never had any problems with them. The worst thing is to forbid something. The guest is always right, that’s tourism. ”

In so many years of work, he collected all kinds of stories. Some guests came for 15 years in a row, and some even met in his apartments and later married!

“They were two Napolitan girls, it was August, the weather was hot, and they were fearful because they couldn’t find a place … And I told them that I had a spare room, so they can come and see it. At the same time, there were two of my regular guests from Naples, who would usually stay for 40 days. And so, little by little, both Napolitans, they met, fell in love and eventually married. Now, when they are travelling, they stop by in Dubrovnik and always come back here, because here they have beautiful memories…’

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