Being present on OTA’s today is essential for a successful rental business. However, many vacation rental owners make the same mistake: they think it’s enough to just set up your property and wait for reservations.

Branding an object is a very important step to achieve optimal results and stand out from the crowd. Apart from photos and reviews, the name of an apartment or holiday home is very important. We’ll try to give you some tips to help you to come up with a name for your vacation rental.



If your vacation rental has a generic, common name, such as Apartments Ana, Rooms 1 and 2 or Guest House Split (any similarity is coincidental), the chance to stand out from the competition and be noticed is reduced.

Naming an apartment after close person may be significant and symbolic to the owner, but to a person who’s looking for a place to stay, it isn’t – it doesn’t give any info about the accommodation itself. For this reason, it is recommended that the name of the apartment contains some information related to the characteristics of the accommodation, e.g. if the apartment has a terrace with a beautiful view – it would be advisable to include this information in the name, or with the feature of the destination, if it is located in the city center, it would be good to use it in the name as this way the guest will immediately know the apartment is located in the center.




The name may be suited to the type of guests the apartment is intended for, e.g., a studio apartment is not intended for families but for couples, and to stand out from all the other objects, this information can be used by calling the apartment Couple’s Getaway or similar. Too long names are not good because they are difficult to remember, it is recommended not to use more than three words.



Few examples of good names for an apartment: Odore di Mare or when translated from Italian, Scent of the Sea. From this name we can conclude that the apartment is located near the sea, and for non-Italian speakers, it will be interesting because of its sonority. Heart of Dubrovnik is another good example since this name tells us the apartment is located in the city center. Central and Quiet – we can conclude two things from this name: that the apartment is located in the center and in a peaceful area. 



There is no one-size-fits-all formula for optimally selecting your apartment name. These tips can help you create a name, but the owner should know best what makes his apartment special and, based on that, create a name that will stand out among the other apartments. If your creativity is low and you have no idea when choosing a name, then a name generator might help. The generator contains a search engine where you insert terms that describe the content and, based on those terms, the generator creates a name.

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