Polačišće 4, Zadar

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+385 99 494 3819

Started with business: 2018.


“We didn’t hesitate when we had the opportunity”

Ela Dujmović i Martina Marinkovska, Direct Booker franchiseee managers for Zadar

Our franchise story is somewhat different from other franchisees; Until the franchise acquisition, we were regular employees of the Direct Booker agency for the Zadar region. We were familiar with the Direct Booker model of work, and we thought the agency’s way of doing things was good, so we didn’t have much doubt about taking over the franchise when it was offered to us.

However, there were some changes: by the time the franchise was taken over, we had not completed the entire work process, so with the franchise, some new areas of work were opened, which were pretty unknown for us until then. We recognized this as a new challenge, which we were glad to face. Thanks to the great support of our colleagues from the parent agency, we quickly mastered all the knowledge we needed to successfully run the business independently.

With many years of experience, knowledge of the field of work, knowledge of the work process itself (technology and the business model), and retention of existing clients, there was no need for major changes.
Expectations were high, we knew that it was necessary to put a lot of effort and time to maintain last year’s level. I believe we have succeeded and proved to ourselves that we can do it.

The business is very dynamic, the system is being refined on a regular basis, according to the changes imposed by the market, and we already know in which direction we want to go and what our goals are. We thank Direct Booker for the opportunity they have given us, for the fact they are still with us and, I believe, will spend many more years in partnership with us.

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