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Started with business: 2019.


“Don’t be afraid of starting your own business!”

Dajana Borovičkić and Tanja Ivica,   Direct Booker franchisee managers for Trogir 

Before taking over the franchise, we have been working in tourism, with accommodation and guests, all our life. We met at a travel agency where we worked together and this is where the idea of starting our own business was born. Tanja worked on the ship for several years and upon her return to the agency, she found out about Direct Booker from a client. Afterward, we made research and explored the possibilities. We sent out a franchise request for our area because we felt that this is exactly what we needed to conclude our work story. We liked the excellent technical model and IT system we needed to spread our idea.

We have combined business with pleasure and it works great for us. Our friendship just continued into one new super positive story, mixing the daily commitments of our agency and our private lives.

Direct Booker has excellent support and is always there for us if we have any questions or need assistance. They are always available for any daily situations and resolving issues as quickly as possible.

Our area of ​​work is quite wide and there is room for this model of work. A large number of apartments and private accommodation with our advertising and accommodation package works very well.

We see our future with Direct Booker and want to continue to be a part of this successful brand. Direct Booker is keeping pace with the times and we consider it one of the most important factors for successful business and being competitive on the tourism market. An excellent franchise model, a blend of really good marketing and IT support are key factors to keep your business simple and successful, and Direct Booker has it all.

If you’re considering entering a franchise business, keep in mind that you will have a tough start. But your own renunciation and constant work in starting a business are easier when you have good friendship and satisfied clients. We want to tell future franchisees that they should never be afraid to launch their own idea and consider the opportunities it offers. A quality model results in customer satisfaction and the success of our own franchise.


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