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Started with business: 2018.


“Take small steps to get great results!”

Daniela Maričić, manager of Direct Booker franchisee for Šibenik


Before starting my own business as Direct Booker franchisee, I was a real estate agent. I learned about Direct Booker through a private acquaintance with Nikola. What inspired me to get into this business was the enthusiasm I felt from Nicholas and Nino when they talked about their brand, but also the potential for profitability. 

For the first couple of months, the business was life, but now, almost a year and a half after , the business has stabilized. Now, we know exactly how much work needs to be done to stay effective.. The biggest challenge in the first few months was communication, but now we are already considered part of the Direct Booker team and we needed support less often…Butm the support was crucial in the beginning – without the help from our Dubrovnik colleagues at the time, we wouldn’t have know what we should do.

Most importantly, we have achieved our goals, the results are very good, and we are very pleased to know that we can only move forward now.

I see Direct Booker franchise as a really good business model – it’s constantly expanding and advancing, and investing in technology and processes which benefit all of us.

A person entering a franchise business in this way should be prepared for a lot of work, to be patient with themselves first, then with the owners and the guests. And everything else can be learned. 

Compared to starting your own business from scratch, taking over a franchise ( technology and a well-established model) has many advantages. The very fact that you are not alone, that you have the support from other franchisees and the direct support from Dubrovnik is a huge relief and an incentive to move forward. You always know what you will get from your work, there are no surprises. 

A piece of advice for future franchisees? Patiently and persistently, take small steps to get great results.

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