Crikvenica, Cres, Lošinj & Rab


VAL LUCIS j. d.o.o.

Melin II 27, Cres


Started with business: 2019.


“With a franchise business, you are given a pen and paper, and all you need to know is what to write”


I have been in the hospitality industry for 6 years and have been thinking about expanding into new fields. For years I wanted to open my own travel agency, but I realized classic agencies don’t have a role in the market as they used to. With this being said, I was lucky enough to find an exquisite business model in Direct Booker. Direct Booker takes care of communication with guests, filling units/calendars, and providing exceptional service to hosts. They cater to the renter’s needs and are always there as a support. 


When I began doing this alone, I was overwhelmed with the volume of work, my days got longer and harder to balance. With Direct Booker’s support system, life and work became more efficient, effective, and successful. I am very satisfied with the results and achievements since partnering with Direct Booker five months ago, which speaks volumes about their quality of brands and products. I can confidently say that in the near future I see Direct Booker being one of the largest online agencies in Croatia and beyond, due to them always re-investing into themselves. 


The franchise model automatically gives you everything you need to work and operate

When starting from scratch, you have to invest lots of money, take on all the tasks, and work extremely long hours. I am aware of this since I started from scratch and struggled until taking on the Direct Booker Franchise. Just five months later, we developed a nice business that is constantly growing, improving, and on the right track for success. I would recommend this to anyone who gets involved with tourism, it is a recipe for success.  

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