If you have never rented before, but you potentially have renting space, or if you already are in the renting business and think that you could do better, we invite you to become a part of Direct Booker. We bring you an interview with a renter from our community, Mrs. Daniela Tomaš the owner of Guest House Daniela in Mlini.

The day of arrival is a very stressful one for everyone coming to your apartment. Every guest has expectations and fears that those might not be met. To ease the stress of arrival every owner should welcome their guests as a true host, with a smile on their face, a positive attitude and a helping hand.

Guests arriving at the family accommodation want to know the life and habits of the local population and therefore it is important to show them the local day to day life! Remember that not all guests are the same, and that different rules apply for every guest. One should try to recognize the needs and wants of their guests. Due to the family atmosphere found in our apartment, most of our guests describe their stay as very warm and pleasant.

We recommend that when your guests arrive you introduce them with the apartment and the people they might meet. It is also important to explain the house rules and provide a city map along with any brochures and leaflets you might find interesting for them.

Remember that it’s the little things that count the most. A kind word, a gesture, a welcome drink or restaurant recommendation is what makes all the difference. The details are the difference between a five star rating and a negative review.

I’ve been a renter for 19 years and the most important thing I can pass to others is “remember that your guests are just like you and I, normal everyday people”. An example that I always talk about is the birthday. Details like congratulating birthdays and possibly celebrating them with homemade goodies is one way to make your guest’s stay unforgettable. I try to communicate a lot, or as much as the guest wants me to and to give them my time and knowledge. This has been recognized by our guests, some of which became regular guests for years.

For everyone who has worked or will work in the service industry, the golden rule is: “the guest is always right”. Aiming for a quality service, Direct Booker guides and provides advice to every renter. The goal is to give guidance based on experience and to increase guest satisfaction.

I joined Direct Booker in 2011. Direct Booker is a young motivated group of people willing to take on a challenge, learn, work and succeed. For me and my renting business they provide a much needed level of support and knowledge. With Direct Booker I am confident in the success of my business.

As a long standing business owner, Mrs. Tomaš gives advice for everyone willing to take it:

I believe that the most important thing in the renting business is not to take any criticism personally, rather to distance your emotions and improve on the given feedback (good or bad). Another thing I noticed is that most guests appreciate a good an honest recommendation, therefor it is important to learn about the nearby attractions, restaurants and other activities. A good recommendation or a good advice goes a long way.

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